Launching Early 2017
Luxury Pre Wrapped Towels.
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Gemstar - Hot / Wet Disposable Towel Suppliers


Launching 2017 – Luxury, Single Use, Pre Wrapped Towels.

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Established for over 10 years Gemstar supply Hot Towel Dispensers throughout the UK and Europe.


New Launch 


We are excited to announce we are adding to our product range during 2017 starting with luxury, single use, pre wrapped wet towels.  A great addition that will enhance our existing product range.

Why consider Wet Towels? 

  • Conscious of Customer Care?
  • Want to enhance your customer experience and in turn create marketing from word of mouth?

Offer a reviving and cleansing Hot / Wet Towel.

Our products suit a range of businesses…


Barbers - use in wet shaves or offer to your clients to freshen up

Salons - for use in beauty treatments

Dental Practices - offer to patients to cleanse and freshen up during/after treatment

Cosmetic Clinics - use pre treatment (remove make up) or during (removal of facial peel)

Restaurants - allow customers to refresh after dining

What our customers say:

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