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Antibacterial Hot Towels

Gemstar can offer customers complete confidence in the antibacterial quality of our Hot Towel Dispensers.

By using a 50/50 mix of Continu disinfectant and water within our Hot Towel Systems you can be sure that our Hot Towel Dispensers will complement your safe and hygienic working environment by producing antibacterial hot towels.

Alternatively; use Continu disinfectant neat to clean your Hot Towel Dispenser every couple of weeks and keep it germ free.

What is ?

Continu offers a disinfectant solution which has been proven to be over 99.999% effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses in under 30 seconds.

But with the same hazard rating as water it can be used as a safe alternative to water in your Hot Towel Dispenser.  Delivering anti-bacterial hot towels.

As a water based product it is dermatologically beneficial as it does not contain any alcohol, acids or solvents that can damage the skin; users report a conditioning effect.  And with no harmful chemicals it is environmentally friendly.


  • Quick – acts within 30 seconds to prevent harmful micro organisms reforming
  • Efficient – kill rate of up to 99.999% to prevent bacteria, fungi or viruses reforming
  • Far Reaching – effective at removing bio film that provides a protective coating to microbes, an issue with standing water
  • Long lasting – effective for weeks
  • Dermatologically beneficial – as it contains no alcohol, acid or solvent it does not dry or damage skin and can act as a conditioner
  • Odour free – it is not an artificial cover up to mask bad smells; it deals with the source of unpleasant odours to create a truly clean, fresh hot towel
  • Environmentally friendly – as a water based product it contains no alcohol, solvents or acid to dispose

Case Study

A test case was carried out comparing one Hot Towel Dispenser containing tap water (control machine) against one that had a 50 / 50 mix of Continu disinfectant and water (treated machine). 

Click … to view the full report of the case study

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Continu disinfectant is available directly from Gemstar at a discounted rate.  For all other products in the Continu range Gemstar have negotiated a discount of 5% on orders placed by our customers. Click here to view the full range and don’t forget to quote ‘Gemstar’ when ordering to receive your 5% discount.

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