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Hot Towel Dispenser - Overview

What is a Hot Towel Dispenser? 

  • Hot Towel Dispensers produce luxury hot towels at the touch of a button.

  • On demand the Towel Machines cut, roll and moisten, producing hot towels in seconds.

  • No plumbing or specialist installation required.  All you need is a flat surface and a power source. 

Advantages of a Hot Towel Dispenser

  • Speed – hot, steaming, luxury towels available in seconds.  No pre soak required.  
  • Hygiene – built in UV Sterilisation System. 
  • Economic – towels are disposable so there are no additional laundry costs.
  • Flexibilitytowel length and moisture content are adjustable. As the machines only require a plug socket they can be set up almost anywhere.
  • Convenience – at the touch of a button the machines dispense hot towels within seconds. 
  • Guarantee – the Hot Towel Dispenser comes with a 12 month guarantee. 


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