Gemstar recommends the use of Continu Disinfectant in our Hot Towel Dispensers.

What is Continu?

Continu offers a disinfectant solution which has been proven to be over 99.999% effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses in under 30 seconds.

But with the same hazard rating as water it can be used as a safe alternative to water in your Hot Towel Dispenser.  Delivering anti-bacterial hot towels.

A water based product, it is dermatologically beneficial as it does not contain any alcohol, acids or solvents that can damage the skin; users report a conditioning effect.  And with no harmful chemicals it is environmentally friendly.

New to Gemstar!

Gemstar now stocks the full range of Continu cleaning and disinfecting products at a discounted rate!
We recommend the use of 5 Litre Continu Disinfectant as part of the general maintenance in our Compact Hot Towel Dispensers.

Continu disinfectant is available directly from ourselves at a discounted rate, that you can’t find anywhere else.


1 x 5Litre Continu Disinfectant £20.99 + vat
2 x 5Litre Continu Disinfectant £37.50 + vat


Far Reaching
Long Lasting
Odour Free
Dermatologically Beneficial